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how it works

A transparent, proven process structured to promote cost effective results.

Proven process

Every project follows a simple process that we’ve developed and proven over the last 5 years. You select the number of revisions you’d like at each milestone. Our review milestones are style frames, storyboard, final graphics and animation.


Working from your voice script, we’ll help refine the message, making it more conversational or punchy to suit the anticipated visuals.



We’ll organise, edit and mix a professional UK accent voiceover using one of our preferred voice talents following your guidance on tone and emphasis using pronunciation references if necessary.



A hand sketched storyboard outlines the flow from scene to scene. A rough visual guide to help accelerate the creative direction of the project.



We’ll create a set of style frames showing proposed final graphics, text and colours in line with your brand guidelines.



We’ll work scene by scene, creating a library of graphics following the “look and feel” defined by the style frames. Then we’ll start creating a cost effective, medium paced animation.



We'll export the final animation and provide via WeTransfer as a Full HD 1080p 25fps MP4 file.

Simple, online review platform

We’ll upload style frames, storyboards and animation to our online platform for you to review and comment on at every step. Only when you’ve approved our work will we move on to the next phase. You decide how many reviews you need at each stage; 2, 3 or 4.

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